Show Your Glow

What to Expect

Every session is different, as you and I work together to assess your needs and goals. Most people think they’re coming to me for one problem but soon realize they are here to work on something deeper. As we uncover the blocks to success, new possibilities and solutions emerge for living your optimum life. There is no such thing as “just one session”! It takes time and energy to become a new you! I meet you where you are, and every week is different. Empowerment is a fun process, and one that is grounded in spirituality. We might tap into your inner child and finger paint, or we might spend time in nature meditating on the wonders of creation. Your transformation is my goal as you rediscover your true self and become who you are meant to be. I want you to return to the joy of living and show your glow to the world!

What is Integrative Health Coaching?

What does an IHC do?

– Work with clients vision of health
– Form partnerships to empower clients
– Inspire change
– Hold clients accountable
– Create and sustain lifestyle changes
– Provide resources

Encourages Self-Care

– Mind-Body Connection
– Movement, Exercise & Rest
– Nutrition
– Relationships and Communication
– Personal and Professional Development
– Physical Environment
– Spirituality

Assists Professional Care

– Prevention and Intervention
– Conventional Approaches
– Complementary Approaches