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Leslie H.~ Louisville, Kentucky

“When I first met with Babs, I was desperately digging my way out of a hole; I was unemployed, recently seperated and unable to pay for my own home. I was at the bottom and embarrassed to admit it. Babs created a safe space for me to say what wasn’t working in my life.

With the first session, the knots and severe pain in my stomach were gone. After the second, I saw opportunity in front of me instead of fear. On the third session, I was breathing life back into dreams that I had given up on long ago.

Babs has a true gift, the ability to zero in on what is at the core of your being and skillfully help you shed all the unwanted baggage. I have lost weight, found a new home, and finally feel that I am right where I am supposed to be. Babs’ coaching guided me to create the life I had once thought was out of my reach.”

Katherine J.~  Englewood, Florida

“Babs has a special way of connecting with her clients.  She demonstrates a keen understanding of the situation at hand and seems to intuitively know how to guide me through to the next best step.  She has helped me to break through many barriers and move forward in both my professional and personal life.”

Holly G. ~Louisville, Kentucky

“Working with Babs over the past year has changed my life in remarkable ways.  The most relevant is an inner confidence I have acquired by opening myself up to making small changes that pack a big punch…as well as holistic health tips to help me feel my best.  As easy as that sounds, Babs has listened carefully so she can guide me to where it is I want to g.  I have worked hard and am so pleased with my progress.  I feel I have reaped the benefits of her life long study on healthy living for the mind, body and spirit.”

Coleen B~Valencia, California

“I had the privilege of being coached by Babs during the last year.  She is wonderful!  She is very empathetic, inspirational and a warm-hearted healer and has a “laser-like” skill of getting to the core issues.  This was so helpful because we were able to get significant work done and focus on solutions and change long entrenched habits.  The ongoing coaching helped with accountability and I felt like she was a partner in the change process.  I got everything and more out of my health coaching with Babs  and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to start making positive changes in their lives.  Her  coaching is transformational!!!”

Anne J~Louisville, Kentucky

“Babs has opened up my eyes to areas in my life that were stuck.  She’s given me tools to change and a secure place to build a new and better me.”

Babs was profiled in the September 2011 issue of Today’s Woman! Check out her 13 Inspirations here:

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