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The illuminous color of the peacock feathers is the inspiration behind my business, Illuminous Living. A bird of renewal, the peacock will shed its feathers in order for new ones to grow. Likewise, we must let go of some things in order to transform and to allow new things to come into our lives. Just as the peacock spreads its tail and reveals its true colors, coaching allows the client to discover their own inner beauty and move confidently toward their dreams.

About Babs

As a Reiki Master with a background in Sales and Marketing and having run my own organizing business, I was looking to combine these aspects.  After praying for my true purpose in life, the answer was revealed by the word Health Coach. Following on this path, I was led to Duke University Integrative Medicine’s Health Coaching Program.

In working with clients, it became obvious that before one can reach optimal health, letting go of clutter--in the mind and in the home is a must.

Clearing space is the first step. Once the living space is clear, the energy that was once trapped is now available mentally and physically. As your home transpires, so do you!

Together we illuminate your purpose. As we recognize and remove the obstacles standing in the way, we set goals for empowerment. Then, your true self begins to shine!  

“MY CLIENTS are my inspiration. It is a such a gift to watch an Aha moment spread across their faces as they begin the metamorphosis and emerge as their authentic selves.  Each week reveals a subtle shift.  As I watch them disengage from lifelong obstacles, it makes my heart spring with joy and respect.”

–As seen in Today’s Woman


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