“When I first met with Babs, I was desperately digging my way out of a hole; I was unemployed, recently separated and unable to pay for my own home. I was at the bottom and embarrassed to admit it. Babs created a safe space for me to say what wasn’t working in my life. Babs has a true gift, the ability to zero in on what is at the core of your being and skillfully help you shed all the unwanted baggage. I have lost weight, found a new home, and finally feel that I am right where I am supposed to be. Babs’ coaching guided me to create the life I had once thought was out of my reach.”


        “Babs has a special way of connecting with her clients. She demonstrates a keen understanding of the situation at hand and seems to intuitively know how to guide me through to the next best step. She has helped me to break through many barriers and move forward in both my professional and personal life.”


        “Working with Babs over the past year has changed my life in remarkable ways. The most relevant is an inner confidence I have acquired by opening myself up to making small changes that pack a big punch…as well as holistic health tips to help me feel my best. As easy as that sounds, Babs has listened carefully so she can guide me to where it is I want to go. I have worked hard and am so pleased with my progress. I feel I have reaped the benefits of her lifelong study on healthy living for the mind, body, and spirit.”


        “I had the privilege of being coached by Babs during the last year. She is wonderful! She is very empathetic, inspirational and a warm-hearted healer and has a “laser-like” skill of getting to the core issues. This was so helpful because we were able to get significant work done and focus on solutions and change long-entrenched habits. The ongoing coaching helped with accountability and I felt like she was a partner in the change process. I got everything and more out of my health coaching with Babs and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to start making positive changes in their lives. Her coaching is transformational!”


        “In 2014 I was having challenges at work with a difficult co-worker following my promotion. Babs’ Health and Lifestyle coaching helped me to adjust to the re-organization and promotion while enabling me to succeed in an increasingly competitive work environment. Four years later when the house needed de-cluttering, and I needed help sorting through what to keep and what to toss, Babs came in. In 8 days, my life was back to normal and my house seemed bigger. While I am sure you can succeed in life, sometimes you need this woman’s help to simplify things, and increase your ability to have ongoing improvement and success in your life—you just don’t know it yet.”


“After working with Babs for just a couple of sessions I noticed major shifts in my own energy levels and felt more optimistic about my ability to overcome barriers. Her coaching supported me to sort through years of clutter and collections and perhaps, most importantly, to reflect on why I had acquired all my stuff to start with. After changing my home environment, changes started to show up in other areas of my life as well. My relationship with my husband improved in unexpected and remarkable ways. Babs is a natural healer and is gifted with many special talents. I feel so fortunate to have been on the receiving end of her art, I hope you are as well.”


“Babs was recommended by a mutual friend for her home decluttering skills & services. At age 60 I found myself buried in STUFF! Disorganized, cluttered and at a loss of how to dig out of the mess I created, I reached out. Enter Babs! Immediately she surveyed my dilemma and we began to purge and organize. I have more work to do to understand how and why my home has become the mess it is but with Babs help I’m confident my home will soon reflect my vision of a restful, minimal sanctuary. In addition, I discovered that Babs is a Healthy Living Coach. We will be working together in 2021 to reframe my idea of what healthy living can do to enhance my quality of my life. I’m very excited about that! Thank you, Babs!”