About Me

        As a Reiki Master since 2001 with a background in Sales and Marketing, and having run my own organizing business, I was looking to combine these aspects. After praying for my true purpose in life, the answer was revealed by the word Health Coach.

        Following on this path, I was led to Duke University Integrative Medicine's Health Coaching Program. Duke is where I learned to Integrate Conventional medicine with Holistic and Alternative Healing methods.

        When I began working with clients almost 10 years ago, it became obvious that before one can reach optimal health, letting go of clutter -- in the mind And in the home is a must.

        Once my children graduated from college and started their own lives, there was a physical empty nest as well as an emotional void. As I began to downsize into smaller homes I recognized the need for fewer things and more purpose. With this realization came opportunities to help people in similar situations.

        Clearing space is the first step. Once the living space is decluttered, the energy that was once trapped is now available mentally and physically. As your home transpires, with a new vitality, we then have room to look at our health, relationships, passions, and dreams without distraction.

      "MY CLIENTS are my inspiration. It is such a gift to watch an AHA moment spread across their faces as they begin the metamorphosis and emerge as their authentic selves. Each week reveals a subtle shift. As I watch them disengage from lifelong obstacles, it fills my heart with joy and respect."

        Call Babs Freibert at 502-558-2653 and let's talk about how to Illuminate Your Life.