Organization/Clutter Clearing

     Our external world reflects our internal state. When we bring order to our environment, we allow our natural internal order to symbolically do the same.

        I grew up with a Hoarder and witnessed first-hand what becomes from unresolved issues. This is why I am passionate about helping clients take a look at their environments and recognize what is no longer needed whether it be unnecessary items or old belief systems that stand in the way of achieving clarity, flow, and resolution. Then, it becomes easier to see what they truly want in life and take steps toward that.

        Whether we start out by cleaning a closet, the refrigerator, pantry, or car, the process begins and something magical happens every time. We now can see things clearly and all of a sudden, there is room in the home and in the psyche to move forward toward great health and well-being.




        $60/hour is my general rate for organizing and clutter cleaning. There is a two-hour minimum. On top of offering clutter clearing, I also can facilitate the donation of your discarded items.