Ask For What You Want

Sand Dollar animal sea shell in a circular shape.

Almost ten years ago, I took a trip to Florida to pray, meditate and process the recent death of the Father of my children. Being alone on the beach was the only way I knew at the time that I could do this.

As I set out to walk one day, I whispered up to God and said, “God, I have never ever found a sand dollar that was not broken. It would mean so much to me if you would put one on my path because then I would feel as  though you are really with me.”

With the bright sun shining on my face, I took off on the beach walking barefoot on the warm sand. Here’s what happened. A few minutes later I looked down and there right in front of me was a perfectly formed sand dollar. Wow! Thank you, God! You Are With Me.

Miraculously, I found 10 unbroken sand dollars that day… All of them on a straight path about 8 footsteps apart… The message God gave me that day was to Keep walking forward in faith and he will put exactly what I need right in front. Another lesson… be direct and ask for what you want.