Lessons from a Dog

Who would ever think that I could learn so many lessons from a two-year-old 60 Pound Goldendoodle pup! As if a new home and owner weren’t big enough adjustments, I had Mr. B neutered and kept a cone on his head for 10 days to prevent his pulling out stitches. Fear of abandonment kept him stuck to my side and I was feeling like I had a two-year-old baby. It was after he pulled his vitamins and medicine off the counter and ate them along with part of the bottles that I decided maybe getting a dog was a bad idea.

So, fed up with his co-dependency and eating antics, not to mention my loss of freedom, I printed up “Free Goldendoodle” fliers with a darling picture of him and headed out the door to post at the pet stores  Then, something happened….He looked at me! He always looks at  me…so what was the difference this time? All of a sudden, my heart opened…that’s what happened!  I looked at him and now instead of being aggravated by his constant need of affection and attention, I saw a dog that loves me unconditionally and just wants to spend time with me. I  saw a dog that is just being himself, I saw a dog that has acclimated to  his brand new home and owner and I saw a dog that I am going to keep no  matter what! And Mr. B saw his owner who now has an open heart and love  in her eyes.

Has there been a time in your life when you felt as though you had closed off your heart in order to not feel, not hurt, not care? Sometimes we have to go through pain, frustration or anger to get in tune  with that powerful feeling of the heart… Just Feeling the Feelings is a  positive way to free our hearts from the destructive gates we build around them.